Let the Machine Do the Work For You: Automation

Let the Machine Do the Work For You: Automation

While we believe that there are always educational opportunities in manually processing files and uploads, we think you may have better things to do with your time (like strategy and fundraising).

At ROI Solutions we think that automation is the key to operational efficiency.  So, if our clients can articulate the business needs of regular and repetitive tasks, we can let the machine do the work for you.  Many processes in Revolution Online are scripted to run automatically on a defined schedule including sweeps and all types of outputs. Scripts can be set up with dependencies so that a script will not run until some other process has completed and scripts can be set up to run at any time of day to ensure that your data is accurate and up-to-date.
All of our clients are employing some automated processes throughout Revolution Online, and here are some common ones that most are leveraging:

Common Automated & Intelligent Processes 

  • Acknowledgements and New Donor Welcome selection and file delivery.
  • User-defined reports and ticklers.
  • Automated uploads from caging and telemarketing vendors.
  • Data extracts to various vendors including Coops, demographic append companies like our partners Infogroup and WealthEngine.
  • Integrations that use APIs to exchange data between ROI and other systems – like eCRMs.  The exchange of data (e.g. email addresses, contact preferences, giving information, etc.), the matching logic and processing of data, and additional contact flag assignments are all automated processes.
  • Data sweeps to establish membership level assignments.
  • Automated daily pledge processing of credit card and EFT sustainers including automated account updater and recycling.
  • Periodic automated de-duplication and hygiene procedures.

The Next Step in Automation 

While those procedures are in place for most clients, some of ROI’s clients have strategically partnered with ROI Solutions to create complex processes to maximize operational efficiencies and fuel their marketing programs across the constituent lifecycle.

  • Automated campaign execution– Campaign scripts can be set up to run at a selected date and time and will pull all data and deliver the output to one or more vendors depending on contact preferences (mail, phone, email). Using our integration with Engaging Networks this process could include email delivery for a file that we push from Revolution Online to Engaging Networks.
  • Automated Prospect Qualification and Assignment– Periodic sweeps can pull new unscored records that meet a certain client-defined giving pattern on a regular basis for demographic and wealth appends.  Then a process can be scheduled that would identify and assign high value constituents to a solicitor based on geography and a Major Gift Officers’ prospect capacity.
  • Attribution– Attribution scripts can take many forms.  While the algorithms defining attribution are client specific, scripts can assign white mail to specific source codes and even estimate multichannel attribution for departmental budgeting purposes.
  • Inferred Interests– Algorithms can regularly evaluate multiple data points (e.g. source response or non-response, volunteer or event activities, acceleration of giving, etc.) and then set values in a FlexTable on a constituent account such as inferred communication preferences or constituent engagement level.

If you would like to learn and explore some new ideas of how automation can make your daily user-life easier, please contact your ROI Solutions Account Manager today.