Data Hygiene & Enhancements

Data Hygiene & Enhancements

As marketers we are always aspiring to reach the right audience with the right message, ask, and offer at the right time through the right channel. More than ever before having the right data to fuel those campaigns is critical to our success. We have recently updated our Data Hygiene dashboard to highlight your organization’s key coverage on specific demographics and contactability via mail, phone, and email.

ROI Solutions has developed automated processes, turnkey integrations along with preferential subscription pricing to help your organization succeed across the constituent experience.
Contact your Account Director today to learn more about these services and how we can work together to schedule hygiene and overlay services for your organization.

Data Hygiene – When was the last time you NCOA’d your file? How many undeliverable notifications are you getting from the USPS? ROI Solutions NCOA/CASS services can help your mail get delivered to the right mailbox. We can even automate the file selection and processing to coordinate with your busy mailing calendars.

Data Enhancements – The more information you have, the more targeted your segmentation and messaging can be – and of course any data you layer on your constituent file is searchable, queryable, and even available to be used in our machine-learning platform MiLo. ROI Solutions offers bundled demographics including age, gender, presence of children, and even high-level income and wealth (and many other variables, just ask). We can also assist you with phone and email appends and verification.

Congressional Districting – Is there a vote upcoming on a House Resolution that is important to your mission and your constituents? In order for your advocacy efforts to be successful you first need to know what district your constituent is in. In partnership with KnowWho, ROI Solutions can provide congressional districting information in a turnkey manner within your instance of Revolution Online CRM.