Machine Learning Modeling

MiLo™: Machine Learning Modeling

Make sure your message is heard by the right audience.

ROI Solutions’ machine learning platform, named MiLo™, can create custom models for client organizations across the constituent lifecycle.  MiLo uses client data to score a constituent audience based on the predicted likelihood of response.  MiLo has the capability to run literally billions of data iterations and interactions across hundreds of time-tested models to find the client-specific data that is predictive and the one model that will perform best for your organization. 

MiLo allows ROI Solutions to do two things very efficiently: find the best model for the use case to optimize audience selection and continually learn from the results to fine tune the models. Over the last year we have partnered with select clients to build, test, and refine models for Lapsed Recapture via direct mail.  Unlike typical Coop-driven models, MiLo uses clients’ own data from Revolution Online.  This data can include transactional information, contact history, other interactions with the organization, and even appended demographic data.  Our clients do not have to share their constituent information with a Coop and each model that we deliver is client-specific because each client (and the data that is found to be predictive) is unique. 

  • Model scores can reside within Revolution Online CRM to easily target audiences across marketing channels
  • Models utilize client-specific data and can include third-party demographic overlay data
  • Custom model builds for desired outcomes
  • Existing models include Lapsed Recapture and Sustainer Churn Identification
  • Free model build and testing

At HRC we have used various models over the years. We have been very impressed with the results that we have been seeing from MiLo in both our recent lapsed and very deep lapsed audiences. We have been able to find those elusive ‘needles in a haystack’ among our deepest lapsed donors by using ROI Solutions' smart new AI technology and they make the process efficient and seamless.

Susan Paine
Director of Analytics & Strategy
Human Rights Campaign

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