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Rose Matías, Amnesty International USA

Rose Matías, Amnesty International USA

Enjoy this interview with Rose Matiás from Amnesty International USA.

ROI:  When, where, and in what capacity did you start working with ROI Solutions?

ROSE: So, I’ve worked with ROI in several different capacities and I’ve used Revolution Online from a number of different angles.  Right out of college I started working as a temp for Human Rights Campaign in their Canvass and Partners (monthly giving) programs and that was my introduction to ROI Solutions and Revolution Online.  I then moved into a full-time position at HRC on the fundraising team and then transitioned to their Data & Analytics team.   In September 2016, I moved to NYC and joined Amnesty International USA as the Director of Development Operations.  In that role, I make sure that Revolution Online and the other technologies speak to each other and reconcile that data on a regular basis.   I also serve as the lead to communicate our user requests and work with the ROI team on enhancements, sweeps, and data jobs.

ROI:  What changes to the application are notable to you over that time?

ROSE:  Well, the biggest change I remember happened right as I was making the transition from Human Rights Campaign to Amnesty International.  ROI had just released the new User Interface.  So, I got a fresh start in my new role with a brand-new UI.

I know it’s a small thing, but I also love the graphic on the login screen.  There was one day when ROI put up an image celebrating marriage equality.  It was a good feeling to see ROI’s ongoing commitment to their clients’ missions and that was a visual tip-of-the-hat to one of its clients’ victories.  I know ROI believes that we are all in this together and seeing that graphic as I logged in was the perfect start to my day.

ROI: What do you like best about working with ROI Solutions?

ROSE:  I have had a great relationship with all the Technical Account Managers that I have worked with at ROI.  I can’t even tell you how many what-if scenarios I’ve walked through with the ROI team.  I think the most important thing is communication and even if an Account Manager doesn’t have the answer immediately, they talk to the developers and analysts and get back to me with a good answer – that builds transparency and trust.  My regular check-in calls with ROI are definitely a bright spot in my week.

Also, over the years I have also had the opportunity to get to know the senior leadership team at ROI.  I’ve had some great meetings with Gina (VanderLoop), Karen (Engstrom), Matt (Rosen) and others.  They are hands-on and obviously care about understanding organizations’ needs and being proactive about product enhancements.  To me that’s incredibly important.

ROI: Can you share a fun fact about yourself outside of the work environment?

ROSE:  I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY but my family is from Puerto Rico. My grandparents still split their time between the States and Puerto Rico.  I used to go every year but last year I went back to San Juan for the first time in many years.  It was great getting back to the island and it really felt like home!

ROI:  Thank you for being a ROI super user over these last seven years and we look forward to working with you another seven and beyond!