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Ignite Marketing

Optimize Your Constituent Journeys

Ignite Marketing empowers nonprofits to precisely define audiences through data-driven criteria and efficiently automate engagement strategies across channels, techniques, and point solutions.

Is Channel Attribution Aspirational?

We don’t use a crystal ball. We can guide you to the answer when all the data lives in one place with all your marketing efforts accounted for.

Maximize Results, Minimize Effort and Cost

Marketing has evolved, and channels have exploded. Understand constituent motivations and execute marketing campaigns regardless of channel.

Find the Road Less Traveled, Break Free

Optimize your constituents’ relationship trajectory with incredible accuracy by defining and automating the constituent engagement journey across all channels.

Omnichannel Moves from Myth to Reality

The nonprofit sector has talked about multichannel and omnichannel marketing for years without a clear path to achieve it (massive spreadsheets and VLOOKUP don’t count). What if you could plan all your online and offline marketing efforts in one place with drag-and-drop features that don’t require an engineering degree?

Journey Mapping Across All Channels

What passes for constituent journey automation today tends to live only in digital marketing solutions. Where do traditional direct-response campaigns enter that picture? (Hint: they are generally planned elsewhere by a different team). Ignite Marketing provides a comprehensive constituent data set with journey mapping, segmentation tools, and system connectors that cover all of your bases.

The Solution

Target + Engage + Automate

Ignite Marketing empowers nonprofits to precisely define audiences through data-driven criteria and efficiently execute and automate engagement strategies across multiple channels, techniques, and engagement point solutions.
ROI Solutions | Ignite Marketing
Analyze results and adjust your engagement strategy accordingly.
Automate execution across all channels and engagement solutions.
Segment and select audiences based on preferences, and all historical data.
Identify your universe using all available data.

Planning & Mapping

Executing Your Strategy

Analysis & Attribution

Engage Your Constituents:

Better, Smarter, and Faster.

Ignite Marketing simplifies complex journeys and empowers marketing practitioners. One genuinely constituent-centric platform with 360° insights will help your organization identify, plan, manage, optimize, and automate all journeys across all channels.