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The Team Behind the Machine

The Team Behind the Machine

Nurture the Machine with Experience

Machine-learning models are only as smart as the data available for analysis, the questions asked, and the team’s experience behind them. MiLo models leverage our years of nonprofit technology experience and fundraising expertise to empower precision campaign and relationship targeting to help you maximize fundraising outcomes.

Human Intelligence Leading Artificial Intelligence

As an early entrant into the nonprofit-focused artificial intelligence discipline, our team began working with AI tools in 2018. We quickly saw the opportunity to help nonprofit organizations answer data-driven questions using cutting-edge machine-learning technology backed by our years of nonprofit fundraising experience. The result was MiLo Intelligence, a platform that provides clients with cost-effective machine learning models to identify and target constituent populations.

Our team of nonprofit data scientists works in partnership with clients to understand their goals and audience focus to identify possible outcomes and the metrics for success.

To establish an initial model build, the MiLo team identifies, obtains, and curates a set of your unique data. We then let MiLo do the hard work of crunching the numbers and spinning millions of combinations of raw and aggregated data to determine the optimal algorithm to achieve your desired outcome.

The resulting model is back-tested using your historic campaign metrics to verify and fine-tune the model. Model scores are then delivered to you for live testing. Results from live campaigns are analyzed by MiLo, where models are further refined. Model scores can be regularly updated and provided to clients to meet their marketing and fundraising calendars.

MiLo never stops learning, just like the team that stands behind the platform.

Complex Data, Complex Algorithms, Easy Delivery

Collaborate for Success

It’s not just the model scores that help to elevate your campaign results. Cohorts bring organizations together to create data-driven marketing and fundraising strategies. In addition to direct consultation with our clients, the MiLo Intelligence team also fosters cross-client collaboration.

Client cohort groups meet regularly to discuss and dissect campaign results and share audience segmentation and intervention best practices to get the right message or offer in front of the right people.

At ROI Solutions, we’re committed to continuous innovation. Clients provide regular lightbulb moments, giving our team the next big MiLo model idea to tackle.

Do you have an excellent idea for a new model to help move the needle in your fundraising program?

Let MiLo Intelligence Find the Right Audience for You.

No Boundaries

MiLo Intelligence leverages machine learning to empower high-touch fundraisers, gift processing, data managers, data analysts, fundraising managers, advocacy managers, marketing managers, and agencies to make data-driven decisions that optimize audiences for desired fundraising outcomes.
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Purpose-Built Solutions for Nonprofits

ROI Solutions empowers nonprofits’ one-on-one communication strategy so your organization can reach the right people at the right time with the right ask through the right channel.  We know your organization works hard to make the world a better place, and ROI Solutions is here by your side to help you achieve your mission.  We are on your team.

Revolution CRM

A customizable CRM for nonprofits that is scalable, flexible, and secure.

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Unite Analytics

Unite, enrich, and analyze your data sources in one integrated solution.
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Ignite Marketing

Design, optimize, and automate your constituent journey across all channels.
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MiLo Intelligence

Machine learning models built and nurtured by data and fundraising experts.
ROI Solutions | MiLo Intelligence

ROI Solutions
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ROI Solutions training is available when needed, comprehensive, personalized, and always included.
Mine your campaign efforts with analysis, insights, and reports to pull the data you seek, test, target, and adapt.

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