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Data Analytics

With Data the Only Constant is Change

Your ability to quickly consume and connect datasets can mean the difference between success and a lost opportunity in a rapidly changing technology environment. ROI Solutions provides the suite of tools to empower your organization to nimbly ingest data from any source and understand the full 360° view of your constituents. Our tools, built and backed by our team of nonprofit data experts, enable you to confidently perform near real-time analysis. Your organization’s future growth depends on data-driven decision-making, and we are here to help propel your organization forward.

A “What If” Moment: Helping You Answer the Questions You Never Thought to Ask

Have you ever attended a meeting with all the answers you were asked about your data only to be stumped by a new question that had never occurred to you? At ROI Solutions, we believe that intellectual curiosity can drive great results, and those “what-if” moments can positively transform your organization’s strategy. Our goal is to arm data analysts with a powerful suite of integrated tools to enable live data discovery so that you can find the answers that you seek. Be the smartest person in the room with new insights at your fingertips.

Efficiently Store and Manage All of Your Data

Does the 360° View Have You Chasing Your Tail?

Analyze with Confidence

Business Opportunity

Every organization faces a growing set of engagement tools and an ever-proliferating amount of data. At ROI Solutions, we think every piece of data is potentially important to your organization. We provide our clients with the tools to cost-effectively and efficiently manage all of this institutional data to automate intelligent integrations to these platforms so that you can better analyze how your constituent interactions with your organization.

Timely data exploration and discovery will open opportunities for your organization and inform your future business strategy to positively impact your marketing, fundraising, and mission delivery. Our tools have been built and are constantly researched and developed by seasoned nonprofit data management specialists who understand what you are confronted with and what you need to succeed.

ROI Solutions encourages and empowers the “data dreamers,” who are compelled to ask the “what-if” questions and answer them accurately and confidently. We are on your team!

ROI Solutions

Purpose-Built Solutions for Nonprofits

ROI Solutions empowers nonprofits’ one-on-one communication strategy so your organization can reach the right people at the right time with the right ask through the right channel.  We know your organization works hard to make the world a better place, and ROI Solutions is here by your side to help you achieve your mission.  We are on your team.

Revolution CRM

A customizable CRM for nonprofits that is scalable, flexible, and secure.

ROI Solutions | Revolution CRM

Unite Analytics

Unite, enrich, and analyze your data sources in one integrated solution.
ROI Solutions | Unite Analytics

Ignite Marketing

Design, optimize, and automate your constituent journey across all channels.
ROI Solutions | Ignite Marketing

MiLo Intelligence

Machine learning models built and nurtured by data and fundraising experts.
ROI Solutions | MiLo Intelligence

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Integrate multiple applications and data sets into an accessible dashboard of insights and actions.
A team of nonprofit technologists committed 24×7 to your organization’s mission and success.
ROI Solutions training is available when needed, comprehensive, personalized, and always included.
Mine your campaign efforts with analysis, insights, and reports to pull the data you seek, test, target, and adapt.

We Empower World-Changing Nonprofit Organizations

With Passion and Purpose, We Provide Solutions and Services Built by Nonprofit Technologists.

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