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Why ROI Solutions

Why ROI Solutions

Embrace the Possibilities

Your Mission is Our Mission. We consider our clients partners. We focus entirely on our clients and their evolving needs to support the causes they care about to change the world.

Why ROI Solutions

Our Company Values are in Our DNA

Client satisfaction is our overriding business value, and we view our clients as partners.
We hold high respect for all people and embrace diversity, equity and inclusion as a core value.
We value teamwork and collaboration to help our clients change the world.
We are a learning organization that encourages experimentation and continuous innovation.
Why ROI Solutions


ROI Solutions

We provide the best products and services that enable nonprofits to solve the world’s problems. This is our singular focus.

ROI Solutions was founded in 1999 to help nonprofit organizations change the world through innovative technology solutions and services. We are focused on sustainable growth, hiring staff committed to working with the nonprofit sector, and constantly evolving our technology and services to help nonprofits succeed in their missions with passion and purpose. This is our calling.
Why ROI Solutions


We are committed to constant innovation, working with our clients and the larger nonprofit sector to understand the challenges they face, so that we can turn them into opportunities to accomplish their mission more efficiently and effectively.

We’re a proudly independent company, meaning we answer only to our clients rather than shareholders and investors. Our clients inspire our product and solution roadmaps, as well as our strategic direction. We’re committed to this model and the opportunity it provides us to develop our solutions based on needs in the nonprofit sector.

We truly believe our clients are partners in our desire to improve the world. As a result, we work only with nonprofit organizations and socially responsible companies whose values and missions align with ours. They are the most influential and progressive organizations in animal rights & welfare, social justice & civil rights, equality, environmental protection, gun control, health & human services, and public media. We’re proud to empower their efforts and their impact.

We embrace new ways of thinking, build upon modern technology, act in the best interest of our clients, and work to provide innovative solutions to create and enhance constituent engagement for nonprofit organizations. We believe doing so helps our client partners more successfully accomplish their missions.

We constantly evaluate our products and services to ensure they evolve to meet our clients needs. Our innovative solutions and services are based on best practices that help lower costs, increase constituent involvement, improve operational efficiency, provide insights, and allow organizations to adopt new methods and approaches to their work. As a result, we embrace technological advances that significantly impact our ability to serve the nonprofit sector.

Why ROI Solutions


We treasure our team, independence, and commitment to supporting world-changing nonprofit organizations in their work to make the world a better place.

ROI Solutions is a Proud Sponsor of

We Stand Against Hate and Extremism

Our products and services are used only for social good.

Client satisfaction is our overriding business value. We view our clients as partners in the struggle to make the world a better place. We listen to them and incorporate their ideas into our plans. When a client has a need or question, we respond with a sense of urgency, knowing their missions depend on us.

We hold high respect for all people. We value, respect, communicate and listen to each other. We empower the professional and personal growth and development of our employees. Our roles and responsibilities are clear, and we do what we say we will do. Candor, constructive feedback, ethical behavior, and integrity are the rules.

We embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values. We demonstrate that commitment by cultivating a diverse culture, learning together as an equitable and inclusive organization, and encouraging all employees to share their thoughts and experiences in an environment where their voices will be heard and respected.

We value teamwork and collaboration in accomplishing our work across the company and with our prospects, clients, and partners. We are an optimistic, flexible, and “can-do” company. We celebrate our achievements, knowing that they will help our clients succeed.

We are a learning organization. We encourage experimentation, information sharing, continuous learning, and establishing and communicating best practices, which are paramount to our success. We strive to become more effective and efficient. We are nimble and flexible, continually evolving to meet the changing needs of our clients.

We are a creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial enterprise that embraces new technologies, approaches, perspectives, and management practices. We strive to continuously improve our company, solutions, and client service.

We give back. We believe in genuinely supporting our client partners in their efforts to make the world a better place. This core value of our culture drives the desire to financially support the nonprofits that are important to us. We contribute 1% of our annual earnings to our client partner’s missions.

Why ROI Solutions


Diversity + Equity + Inclusion

ROI Solutions embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as a core value guiding our hiring practices, nurturing and empowering our employees, and working with vendor partners and world-changing nonprofit clients.

Diversity: We value the diversity of identity, culture, backgrounds, and experiences of our employees. Our express goal is to have a diverse staff that reflects our communities and the nonprofit clients with whom we work.

Equity: We aim to provide fair treatment, access, and advancement for all ROI Solutions employees, constantly evaluating our processes and policies to enable growth opportunities for all.

Inclusion: We aim to continue building an inclusive environment where our staff feel they belong and are valued for who they are and their contributions to the company.

DEI Statement:

We believe that diversity of identities, cultures, backgrounds, thoughts, and experiences makes us stronger as a company and more compassionate, understanding, accepting, open-minded, and innovative.

Innovation drives our products and solutions, and we believe that new and innovative ideas thrive when our team members have diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

In this spirit, we are passionate and committed to fostering an inclusive and equitable, value-based culture that encourages multiple perspectives. We strive to celebrate a diverse team where all employees are welcomed, respected, supported, and valued so that they can fully participate. In addition to the moral imperative for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), these efforts make us a stronger and better company and will help guide our future growth. ­­­­­

We show our commitment to DEI by devoting resources to follow these guiding principles:

  • Achieve growth by growing ourselves:
    We all grow stronger when we commit to openness and acceptance of diverse thoughts and experiences. Our commitment to DEI is a path that will lead us to increased diversity of thought and expression, compassion, and understanding which will lead to our growth as a company.
  • Embrace an open culture:   
    We commit to providing spaces and opportunities that highlight and empower the diversity of our teams.  We will continue to enhance our training programs to better support employees with various experience levels and backgrounds.
  • Leading through active listening:
    Leading starts with active listening. No matter how difficult an issue is, we will listen to our employees, address any issues fairly and equitably, and provide proactive training to encourage the values inherent in DEI across the company.
  • Constantly evaluate to achieve:
    Our DEI commitment is not a point-in-time exercise. It is an ongoing and important part of our culture. To continue improving our DEI practices, we will constantly review our progress to improve our processes to better ourselves and our company.
ROI Solutions

Purpose-Built Solutions for Nonprofits

ROI Solutions empowers nonprofits’ one-on-one communication strategy so your organization can reach the right people at the right time with the right ask through the right channel.  We know your organization works hard to make the world a better place, and ROI Solutions is here by your side to help you achieve your mission.  We are on your team.

Revolution CRM

A customizable CRM for nonprofits that is scalable, flexible, and secure.

ROI Solutions | Revolution CRM

Unite Analytics

Unite, enrich, and analyze your data sources in one integrated solution.
ROI Solutions | Unite Analytics

Ignite Marketing

Design, optimize, and automate your constituent journey across all channels.
ROI Solutions | Ignite Marketing

MiLo Intelligence

Machine learning models built and nurtured by data and fundraising experts.
ROI Solutions | MiLo Intelligence

ROI Solutions
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On-time and on-budget implementation services that convert, clean, and tune your data and business rules.
Integrate multiple applications and data sets into an accessible dashboard of insights and actions.
A team of nonprofit technologists committed 24×7 to your organization’s mission and success.
ROI Solutions training is available when needed, comprehensive, personalized, and always included.
Mine your campaign efforts with analysis, insights, and reports to pull the data you seek, test, target, and adapt.

We Empower World-Changing Nonprofit Organizations

With Passion and Purpose, We Provide Solutions and Services Built by Nonprofit Technologists.

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