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Animal Rights & Welfare

Animal Rights & Welfare

Every Species is Unique, and so is Your Organization’s Data Management Strategy.

Your mission is committed to preserving and protecting the sanctity of animal rights, and at ROI Solutions, we are committed to that vision. Each organization uniquely engages its constituents to mobilize their passion for preserving and protecting. Your organization needs solutions that will allow your data management aspirations to thrive in a flexible, extensible, and scalable environment.

Paws-itively Improving Your Ecosystem

Adopting a companion animal can be a life-changing experience, and you work hard to ensure that the right companion animal finds the right home. You probably have a great system to manage that. You probably have many systems working for your mission. Our goal is to ensure they work together in a unified ecosystem so that you can spend time making love matches rather than babysitting your CRM.

PETA Reduces Sustainer Churn with the Help of MiLo Machine Learning

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) manages a robust $9 million monthly sustainer program. PETA teamed up to develop a sustainer loyalty model to focus their marketing intervention efforts on sustainer audiences that were most likely to churn. And it’s working to improve overall sustainer retention rates!