Better Communication: ROI Solutions and Engaging Networks Prove an Ideal Match for Human Rights Campaign

Better Communication: ROI Solutions and Engaging Networks Prove an Ideal Match for Human Rights Campaign

Backed by 1.5 million members and supporters, Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is the largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning Americans. HRC is renowned in the nonprofit community for embracing cutting edge technology and employing incredibly sophisticated online engagement strategies. In 2015, HRC determined that its online marketing platform could not keep up with the organization’s changing needs and decided to switch to Engaging Networks for its fundraising, advocacy and email tools.


Whenever a new client moves onto a new eCRM platform, a critical issue to get right is ensuring that the past engagement history of supporters is migrated. For HRC, it was imperative that supporter data – including contact information, fundraising history and advocacy history – was available in Engaging Networks when building segments for email marketing and other communications. That’s a tall order for 2 million records! HRC also recognized this platform migration as a prime opportunity for data hygiene and to revamp its welcome series.


Because of the advanced integration between ROI Solutions and Engaging Networks, a nonprofit can expect the initial development for a sync to take about a week’s worth of work. According to ROI Solutions, other digital platforms can take up much longer to configure.  The Engaging Networks/ROI Solutions Integration offers the following data “out of the box:”

  • Sustainers – HRC’s robust monthly giving programs are a staple of its annual budget and a focal point of their fundraising efforts. The Engaging Networks/ROI Solutions sync allows for the initial online sustaining credit card or EFT transaction to be immediately tokenized and maintained in ROI Solutions’ CRM. This allows HRC to take advantage of click button refunding and advanced recycling capabilities in the ROI Solutions CRM while managing its full monthly giving program in one platform and through one credit card processor. This also means hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in cost savings and revenue lift from their monthly donor pool.
  • Contact History – ROI Solutions has a unique philosophy when it comes to recording contact history: they want everything to be in their CRM. Thanks to the sync, now all interactions through Engaging Networks can be captured in the ROI Solutions CRM. When a constituent calls an HRC staffer that full contact history is vital to understanding what outreach and what messaging that constituent has received.
  • Groups / Segments – HRC is committed to having a one-on-one dialogue with its constituents across all channels. That means that the organization needs to know every touchpoint and every interaction and use that information to inform that conversation. HRC and ROI Solutions have worked together to ensure that data being collected from all sources is mastered at the constituent level in their database of record. The integration between ROI Solutions and Engaging Networks allows all of that data to be used to segment files and create groups. Once built in ROI Solutions those groups and segments can be manually or automatically pushed to Engaging Networks to quickly mobilize a campaign to the right audience.
  • Triggers – With the proliferation of data and marketing efforts that all organizations are being inundated by, marketing automation has become an operational necessity for many organizations. HRC can now leverage both ROI Solutions and Engaging Networks platforms to make data-based decisions to drive marketing communications throughout its program and do so in an operationally efficient manner through hands-free marketing automation.

Implementing a new platform is a great time to rethink your strategies and business rules and optimize them for the best constituent experience. The turnkey nature of the ROI Solutions/Engaging Networks sync freed up some time for HRC to do just that. One program area that HRC focused on was the reinvention of its welcome series. Together with ROI Solutions, HRC adopted an “end-first” strategy whereby they started with their desired end result – total supporter satisfaction – and worked backward to achieve it. Guided by the principle that they were welcoming new people, not new email addresses, they identified 12 core types of constituents who qualified for a welcome series. For example, a long-term supporter who simply retired their old Yahoo email address and created a new Gmail email address was not a “new” supporter. In contrast, someone who bought merchandise or donated for the first time was a “new” supporter. A unique advantage of the Engaging Networks platform is that nonprofits have a virtually unlimited number of custom fields in which to store constituent data. ROI Solutions was able to turn the 12 “new person” parameters into simple yes/no questions, and set up a thoughtful communication stream for each segment.

One major factor that drove Human Rights Campaign’s decision to switch to the Engaging Networks platform in the first place was the ease of integrating it with HRC’s existing database of record, i.e. ROI Solutions. Now that the sync is in place, HRC reports increased efficiency, less chance of human error when engaging with supporters, and a better, more personalized constituent experience. For example, if a donor calls HRC with an inquiry, the service provider can look up that donor’s information and history in one platform – whether that donation was made online or collected at an offline event. The updated welcome series has already enabled HRC to personalize communications with key supporters.

Staff members from Human Rights Campaign and ROI Solutions talk through the integration in detail at the Engaging Networks US Community Conference in 2016.