Back to School, An Interview with Jennis LaVita

Back to School, An Interview with Jennis LaVita

With students back in the classroom for the 2021-22 school year, one ROI Solutions staff member made sure that in her local community all students were prepared.  When they are not providing quality support for our client partners, many of the staff at ROI Solutions have been hard at work engaging with their communities. We sat down with ROI Solutions’ Jennis LaVita to learn about the great volunteer work she has been doing for the Eastern MA community.

What project have you been working on?
The current project that we are working on is stuffing backpacks for kids in local homeless shelters and safehouses. Many of the children who we are giving backpacks to are recipients of the Everett Grace Food Pantry. We brought about 200 backpacks to these students last weekend. The other backpacks were delivered to safehouses and shelters as well as some local schools who reached out to request help for families in need. Based on the feedback we have heard, the kids receiving them were incredibly excited when their supplies arrived!

What sort of supplies were included in the backpacks?
We had folders, notebooks, rulers, markers, crayons, pencil sharpeners, highlighters pencils, pens, index cards… the list goes on! All the basic necessities to start back to school. In the High Schoolers’ backpacks, we were able to add in a $10.00 Dunkin Donuts gift card so they can get breakfast on their first day.   

How long have you been doing this volunteer work?
Last summer was the first summer I helped by packing up backpacks and coordinating supplies, so this was the second summer. In total, this will be about a six-week summer project, and was well worth the effort. 

What did ROI Solutions do to help out?
ROI Solutions sent two big boxes of supplies to help contribute. They included highlighters, pencils, markers, crayons, notebooks, pencil sharpeners, a mix of basically everything we needed to pack the backpacks. It was so much stuff that we had to move production from the garage to inside the house! 

How many kids were you able to help with this project?
There are a little over 400 students who will be receiving backpacks through this project. It is a great way to support students in the local area and give them the supplies they need for the coming year!