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Strategic Partnership: Data Axle and ROI Solutions

Strategic Partnership: Data Axle and ROI Solutions

Almost all ROI Solutions’ clients periodically layer demographic data and perform routine hygiene processes to enhance their constituent files.  Some of our clients run regular automated scripts in Revolution CRM to layer data on new constituents to the file.  These file enhancements can inform file selection and segmentation across the constituent lifecycle.

We are pleased to provide preferential pricing to all our clients with a vendor with which many clients are already familiar.  Through Data Axle, a best-in-class provider of data solutions for commercial and nonprofit clients, ROI’s clients have access to various demographic enhancements and email and phone hygiene and appends.  Appends and hygiene elements will include but are not limited to:

Demographics – Age, Gender, Length of Residence, Ethnicity, Political Party Affiliation, Lifestyle Interests
Financial – Household Income, WealthFinder
Phone – Appends and Verification
Email – Appends and Verification

If you want to learn more or have other data needs you’d like to discuss, please contact your ROI Account Manager, [email protected].

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