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FlexLoads to Update Groups of Records

FlexLoads to Update Groups of Records

ROI Solutions | Feature Update | FlexLoads to Update Groups of Records

The FlexLoad tool makes it easy to update a group of records in Revolution CRM, without using an external file. FlexLoad procedures can be performed on FlexLists that you have already created. You can use a FlexLoad to assign Account Flags, Contact History, Cultivation Plans, and more. To see the full list of available FlexLoad procedures with details about what they do, navigate to Search > FlexLists > Available FlexLoads and review the descriptions. 

When ready to use a FlexLoad procedure, navigate to Search > FlexLists > FlexLoad Tool. On this screen, you can select one of the available FlexLoad procedures.  When you click “Continue,” you will select the FlexList on which you want to perform the FlexLoad procedure and enter the values that should be set on the records in the FlexList when the procedure runs. The available parameters will change depending on the type of procedure you choose.

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