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Premium and Inventory Functionality

Premium and Inventory Functionality

ROI Solutions | Premium and Inventory Functionality

How many member cards, T-Shirts, DVDs, coffee mugs, and bumper stickers can fit into Revolution CRM?   All of them. 

Many of our clients send premiums and tangible benefits to their donors, which can be managed directly through the application.  Over the last several years, we have augmented our Premium and Benefit Management functionality in Revolution CRM. We wanted to re-introduce you to the capabilities that are available to you. 

Several enhancements were built to accommodate the complex on-air pledge drive demands of public broadcasting.  WETA needs to know who is giving per discrete time segments of an on-air pledge drive, what premiums need to be fulfilled for that gift or pledge, and do it like clockwork.  

What would happen if you pledged when the Bach boxset was promoted and received the Downton Abbey Signature Sweater Vest?  When we asked Brandon Hemel, Director of Strategy and Operations at WETA, his answer summed it up pretty well, “Total customer service nightmare.” 

The Premiums and Benefits functionality in Revolution CRM allows clients to manage an unlimited number of premium offers or bundles.  Clients can set auto-award qualifications for those premiums across source, pledge, and single transactions.  Periodic sweeps could also be applied to assign benefits and premiums for cumulative giving, membership stages, or other automated qualifications.  

Inventory is managed at the individual Premium level in Revolution CRM.  Each premium maintains specific vendor-level information, including inventory balance and ordering information.  Inventory controls can be synced with the client’s premium fulfillment vendor via a periodic custom upload.  That way, you never have to run out of the ever-popular bumper sticker and scramble for a last-minute reprint.

At batch entry, users can manually assign premiums to gifts and even have them shipped to another designee (thanks, grandma, for the frisbee!).  In a recent enhancement, at any point before fulfillment – and without having to reverse and re-key the batch – users can now edit and change those premium fulfillment options directly within the Premium tab on the Constituent Screen.

To learn more about Premium and Benefits Functionality, contact your ROI Account Manager.

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