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“Our client partners continue to make us better in our core product, Revolution CRM, and our company. Every new client that goes live in our system represents a learning journey and strengthens our client partnership community. We couldn’t be more excited to work with KQED to help expand its member journey.”

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ROI Solutions

Platform Transition:

Collaboration is the Key to Successful Implementation

ROI Solutions | KQED

KQED, Northern California’s leading public media organization, implemented Revolution CRM to improve its data management capabilities and bolster its constituent engagement and fundraising through the combination of multiple systems.

“We are thrilled to have a partner in ROI Solutions – a company that actively supports our mission and whose technology will help us better serve our members and help us reach our immediate and long-term constituent engagement and revenue goals,” said DeLinda Mrowka, Chief Audience Officer at KQED.

About KQED
KQED serves the people of Northern California with a community-supported alternative to commercial media via public television, radio, and digital outreach. The organization helps students and teachers thrive in 21st-century classrooms and take people of all ages on journeys of exploration—exposing them to new people, places, and ideas. KQED provides citizens with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions; convene community dialogue; bring the arts to everyone; and engage audiences to share their stories.

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For ten years, KQED managed its 2.5 million record constituents, including over 200,000 active members and over 100,000 monthly sustainers, using Salesforce’s NGO Connect. When Salesforce announced the retirement of the NGO Connect solution as of December 2022, KQED saw it as an opportunity to look for a strategic partner to help move them forward. Of the decision to look for a new CRM partner, Michele Murphy, Vice President of Donor Generosity and Audience Intelligence, said, “This was a great opportunity to take stock of our current technology assets, what processes were in place today, how we might improve them, and also our aspirations to help move us forward as an organization.”


KQED worked with an external consultant to assess their current technology ecosystem and create a strategic RFP to help them find the right partner. “Throughout the RFP and demo process, ROI Solutions checked all of our boxes, and their client references really helped us get to know how they work together with their clients to continually improve their core product throughout the relationship,” said Georgi Kelly, Vice President of Development.
ROI Solutions

The Solution

Leveraging Best Practices to Optimize the Member Experience

Once KQED selected ROI Solutions, both teams embarked on an 11-month journey to implement the new system. With a complex organization like KQED with robust multichannel marketing aspirations, implementation is much more than a simple data mapping and conversion exercise. The time-tested methodology for new client implementations developed by ROI Solutions includes business process documentation, understanding and unpacking the touch points with other technology solutions in the client’s unique ecosystem, developing bi-directional data integrations with those platforms, and establishing clear roles to make the transition smooth and successful.

Once ROI Solutions received the initial dataset from Salesforce NGOC and went to work, it took only 5 months to reach go-live.


Optimized & Documented Business Processes.

Single Source

One Revolution CRM Database.


Integrations to Other Engagement Solutions.


Centralized Member and Sustainer Management.

The Result

Collaborative Implementation Creates Efficiency and Streamlines Processes

“I have been a part of a number of implementations, and converting to Revolution CRM was by far the best and most collaborative implementation project I have experienced. Throughout the process, the communication was clear, and we worked together to achieve our goals,” said Michele Murphy, who led KQED’s implementation team.

As Sarah Birnie, ROI Solutions’ then Director of Professional Services, noted, “Every client comes to us from a different system with unique business rules, a different mix of vendor partners, and a vision for future growth. Our goal at ROI Solutions is to help them get there as quickly as possible and work together effectively to achieve their vision.”

“To have achieved what we did, as quickly and efficiently as we did, is truly remarkable. We look forward to a long relationship with ROI Solutions. As we evolve, we are confident that they will be a partner that will be with us every step of the way,” DeLinda Mrowka concluded.

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ROI Solutions empowers nonprofits’ one-on-one communication strategy so your organization can reach the right people at the right time with the right ask through the right channel.  We know your organization works hard to make the world a better place, and ROI Solutions is here by your side to help you achieve your mission.  We are on your team.

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