ROI Solutions Constituent Care

ROI Solutions Constituent Care

When you use the freeform search on your Constituent Care dashboard in Revolution CRM to look up a caller’s name, you will get a curated output summarizing their giving history, pledge status, and contact information. The screen also has shortcuts to common tasks, like updating a pledge or recording a donation.

Constituent Care functionality introduces an evolution of task tracking in Revolution CRM through a new activities structure, which links questions or changes about a specific person, transaction, or pledge to one place, providing a path to aggregating data about who solves what kinds of issues for future reporting and analysis.

For example, a caller might want to know the hours of the visitor center.  You might record this as a general activity, add some notes about anything else that was discussed, and categorize the call using Contact Type, closing out the activity.  

New activity creation with notes about information provided and contact type coded.

Another caller might have questions about a recent gift – the new Constituent Care screen makes it simple to perform refunds, add related transactions, or just provide information confirming the gift, and record your notes about the interaction in a consistent way.

A transaction displayed on the Donation tab, with the burger menu showing options like Refund Payment, Add Related Transaction, Add Comment, and Manual Acknowledgement.

The same is true for pledges: changing payment information, upgrading and downgrading, and cancelling pledges all log an activity.

Even better, its more straightforward to record a new gift or pledge, which streamlines new credit card entry and moves batch entry and locking to the backend.

The Add Gift tab, showing add new cc/eft link and premium section.

If there are any tasks you are not able to fully resolve, activities can be assigned to yourself or other team members for follow-up.  You can review activities assigned to you and to others on your team using the Open Activities listing.

The ‘open activities’ Constituent Care Dashboard, showing activities assigned to other team members by the current logged in user, plus the Find Constituents freeform search and current Activities by Type metrics.

This tool is live in Revolution CRM, and one of our clients uses it to track upwards of 200 calls a week made to their inbound call center.  We are improving the tool as we get feedback from our user community so you can expect to see further enhancements in upcoming releases.