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Every 3-5 years, nonprofit organizations grapple with a difficult question related to their technology, particularly their CRM application: “To renew or not to renew?” Few decisions induce as much anxiety as this one. Opting for renewal commits the organization to another 1, 3, or even 5 years with the existing provider, which might be unsettling if the current provider lacks robust support, cybersecurity policies, a clear product roadmap, or various other concerns. Yet, there’s comfort in dealing with the known, the proverbial “devil you know.” The thought of venturing into the complex realm of choosing a new vendor, enduring multiple sales pitches, defining requirements, and navigating an RFP process can be overwhelming.

This is where I implore every organization facing this crossroads to pose a crucial question – is your current technology vendor and/or future partner EPIC?

At ROI Solutions, we gauge our success through the four pillars of our company values: Efficiency, People, Innovation, and Clients (EPIC). We prioritize teamwork and collaboration to empower our clients in supporting their mission and effecting positive change in the world. Our commitment to respecting all individuals is evident in our embrace of diversity, equality, and inclusion as core values. As a learning organization, we foster experimentation and continuous learning. Above all, client satisfaction is our paramount business value, and we view our clients not merely as customers but as genuine partners.

Much like pinpointing the most promising major donor in your fundraising database, evaluating new technology involves considering various data points. While functional requirements, implementation approaches, ongoing training, and support are critical considerations, how often are you factoring in the values of the vendors you’re evaluating? How much importance are you assigning to a vendor’s belief that nonprofits and your mission play a direct role in positively impacting the world? Many vendors may articulate the right sentiments, but what truly motivates them? Is it shareholders, revenue, market share, or perhaps a combination of all three? While it’s undeniable that every company needs revenue to enhance products, provide support and services, and attract top-tier staff, what if you could have both – a vendor that is truly EPIC?

The next time the daunting question of “To renew or not to renew” looms, ask yourself if your technology partner is truly EPIC. This perspective may serve as a guiding light in shaping your next crucial decision.

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