Integration Services

What is your best-of-breed?

When a constituent calls your office you need to know at the click of a button how they have interacted with your organization, what actions they have taken, which communications they have received and what information they need to know, without having to access multiple systems. No matter what systems you use, your CRM needs to be be the one source of truth.

Your organization’s mission is unique, and so are your data and technology needs. The one constant that nonprofits face is trying to pull together a comprehensive view of the constituent.  ROI Solutions embraces a best-of-breed philosophy, providing you with the flexibility to integrate almost any point solution into your Revolution CRM ecosystem. 

For any integration, we always start with the business use case to unpack what purpose the third-party application is serving for your organization, how often it is used, and what critical data needs to flow in and out of Revolution CRM to maximize your communications efforts and help you understand the full range of interactions a constituent has with your organization.

Our best-of-breed philosophy is backed by our experience of integrating with hundreds of third-party solutions on behalf of our clients.

Revolution CRM's architecture makes it easy to connect and integrate with different types of partners, which to us is critical actually because each of those partners is best of breed for us and serves our purposes best.

Jeff Regen
Vice President of Development

Prior to joining ROI Solutions, we had been moving a lot of data around manually. ROI Solutions really helped us streamline a lot of processes and integrate intelligently. What that allowed us to do is to free up the brain power at our organization which made our staff more valuable to the organization by looking at other areas that might need improvement and then working with ROI Solutions to improve those processes.

Tim Reinke
Senior Director, Marketing Operations
Defenders of Wildlife

Prior to implementing Revolution Online, we were working out of multiple systems. Each department had its own system, and yes they were supposed to talk to each other but really didn't. Having an integrated ecosystem really allowed us to reset, rethink how we do business, and come together as an organization.

Mary Murtala
Senior Director Development Operations, National Parks Conservation Association
  • Push and pull capabilities via API
  • Client-specific matching and import logic allowing for processing automation 
  • Intelligent integration programming to fuel your marketing campaigns
  • Automate the processing of inbound requests from third-parties
  • Pre-built integrations that can be configured to your business needs
  • Embedded user-friendly and turnkey upload tools for scheduled or ad-hoc imports
  • Fully documented open API for use by all clients

Integrate your best of breed solutions with our best of breed CRM.

Let’s find out! We want to hear more about your organization’s mission and the systems you use to achieve it. Set up a call with us today to discuss how we may to be able to help your organization.