Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Learn from the 360-degree constituent view

Effective constituent engagement requires ongoing and timely analysis to understand what strategies work best for your organization.  The more information you have about your constituents, the more you’ll understand what’s working for them, and the more you can make things work for you.

With the 360-degree constituent view available in Revolution CRM, and the tools available to activate and understand that data, our clients can make informed data driven decisions and answer the questions that will drive their future growth.

  • A robust (and always growing) suite of easy-to-use time-tested reports and dashboards
  • Realtime access to all data managed in Revolution CRM
  • Programming to customize new reports tailored to your organization
  • Tableau-driven dashboards allow drill down to the granular level
  • Create ad-hoc custom queries and reports on the fly
  • Schedule and automate customized output to fuel your analysis
  • Backed by a team of data analysts who help you better understand your data
  • Build new dashboards for you organization via Tableau and have them published within Revolution CRM

Are you able to visualize your organization’s success?

With the 360-degree view available you can gain valuable insights about your constituents and how to communicate with them more effectively. Set up a call with us today to discuss how we may to be able to help your organization.