Constituent Care

Constituent Care

Every contact represents an opportunity for your organization to develop a lifelong relationship.

If a donor calls you, do you think that is important?  We sure do.  These one-on-one conversations, if handled effectively and adeptly, can spur a lifelong commitment to your organization.

Our Constituent Care and case management functionality in Revolution CRM organizes core functions into a single dashboard from which constituent service representatives can easily identify the appropriate constituent record and then perform multiple updates quickly and efficiently.  The solution helps the constituent care representative quickly identify the relationship and interactions of the constituent with the organization, make changes to their record, capture a gift, and record other valuable notes about the call. There’s also an integration to Microsoft Exchange for email-to-case workflows with automatic lookup and case creation. This means less manual work, more time to spend with your constituents.

The application captures important workflows that foster constituent centered engagement across the organization.  It also helps track key metrics that our client organizations use to assess constituent sentiment, case resolution, and operational efficiency.  

I've seen the product evolve over the years so that it allows for the management of not just one type of program, mission or nonprofit, but all different types of organizations. All different kinds of clients can use the same software, but implemented in a specific way to support their particular business processes.

Brandon Hemel
Senior Director, Data Strategy and Management
  • Quickly search and access constituent records
  • Immediately surface constituent involvement with your organization
  • Manage address, emails, credit card changes, and other key data on the fly
  • Assign benefits and status-check premium delivery
  • Record transactions and pledges
  • Assign, manage and track caseloads of constituent care representatives
  • Track constituent sentiment and common cases
  • Access available to third-party customer-care call centers

Are you providing your constituents with exceptional service?

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