Financial Management

Financial Management

Process faster. Reconcile efficiently. Acknowledge immediately.

Your Finance and Operations teams should not have to jump through hoops to process and recognize a gift.  ROI Solutions works with its clients to streamline and automate gift processing and revenue recognition so you have more time to think about strategy and better data management. 

Our clients’ financial success relies on timely processing of all gifts whether they originate from a caging and cashiering vendor, a third-party application, a monthly credit card sustainer, or a check mailed to your offices.  Timely processing and acknowledgment are core to successfully stewarding your donors’ gifts. 

Revolution CRM provides our clients with all the tools to manage their gift processing, and cater to the unique requests of their constituents, all managed in a secure PCI-DSS Level 1 framework.

Integrating with your General Ledger means that financial reconciliation can be customized to your needs.

I am not in Revolution CRM every day, but I do head there frequently for financial reports. With our previous CRM Solution, this used to take a long time, but with Revolution CRM it really doesn’t. Once the report was built for me it’s easy, and it is really very quick.

Curt Chadbourne
Director of Member Services
Maine Public

  • Customizable batch input
  • Single constituent transaction entry
  • Integration with Caging and Cashiering vendors
  • Integration with third-party tools and a pending queue to view your organizations’ transactions across your ecosystem
  • Access to integrated payment processors
  • Advanced Account Updater and Recycling functionality
  • Uploads for third-party aggregators
  • Customizable soft-credits, matching gifts, and in memoriam attribution
  • Embedded Stock Pricing and Foreign Currency Conversion
  • Easy-to-use and flexible Pledge Management
  • Flexible Source Codes and General Ledger Codes
  • Automated client-specific feeds to General Ledger

Does your organization struggle to reconcile every month?

If your CRM is the one source of financial truth, reconciliation becomes a lot easier. Set up a call with us today to discuss how we may to be able to help your organization.