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ROI Solutions Drives the Member Experience

Public media organizations are unique, with a specific set of business requirements and integration needs that few CRM solutions get right.  Constituents are members.  Sustaining pledges are the lifeblood of the organization.  Pledge drives aren’t just ordinary fundraising campaigns. Premiums must be managed and fulfilled effectively, or you’ll hear about it! And there’s a host of integrations needed to keep operations humming and members happy. The membership experience is vital to your success.

ROI Solutions has a long history of working with public media organizations to optimize the membership experience. We speak your language, and we offer best practices tailored to your specific business needs. Maybe that’s why we work with some of the largest stations around!

ROI Solutions’ commitment to developing technology solutions for nonprofits aligns perfectly with CDP’s mission to help sustain a thriving public media system and is in keeping with our long history of utilizing best-of-breed technology. Our partnership will significantly increase our collective ability to serve nonprofits and make this world-class technology available to public media stations of all sizes, supporting the positive impact they have in communities large and small

Michal Heiplik
Contributor Development Partnership

This was a great opportunity to take stock of our current technology assets, what processes were in place today, how we might improve them, and also our aspirations to help move us forward as an organization. I have been a part of a number of implementations and converting to Revolution CRM was by far the best and most collaborative implementation project I have experienced. Throughout the process, the communication was clear, and we worked together to achieve our goals.

Michele Murphy
Vice President of Donor Generosity and Audience Intelligence

We were looking to develop more 1:1 relationships with our members, but in order to do that we needed to re-allocate resources and find efficiencies. The ability to re-think all of our old processes at once generated those efficiencies. We ended up with a vastly improved sustainer billing process, which is one of the most measurable out-of-the-box improvements with over 57,000 sustainers. Now many of the people on our gift processing team can focus on our members rather than spending time keying data.

Frank Glavin
Chief Information Officer

Throughout the RFP and demo process, ROI Solutions checked all of our boxes and their client references really helped us get to know how they work together with their clients to continually improve their core product throughout the relationship.

Georgi Kelly
Vice President of Development

We're a data-driven organization, and we aspire to be ever more data-driven. We're still reaching for that magical one-to-one marketing that we all talk about where we really personalize the right offer to the right person through the right channel or set of channels at the right time. And ROI Solutions is at the center of all of those efforts.

Jeff Regen
Vice President of Development

We were looking for a database that could do everything we needed it to do, and we wanted something that could do so quickly and efficiently. ROI Solutions checked all those boxes. Revolution CRM met all our needs and we liked the style and culture of ROI Solutions.

Curt Chadbourne
Director of Member Services
Maine Public

We are thrilled to have a partner in ROI Solutions – a company that actively supports our mission and whose technology will help us better serve our members and help us reach our immediate and long-term constituent engagement and revenue goals.

DeLinda Mrowka
Chief Audience Officer

Our transition from our legacy system to ROI Solutions was relatively seamless. The ROI Solutions team prepared a solid conversion plan and worked closely with WEDU to ensure a smooth transition and migration to the new system. We have been able to reevaluate outdated business processes and develop a philanthropic business model that will lead to increased revenue and expanded opportunities.

Claire O'Connor
Senior Vice President of Development

For on-air fundraising, we are better able to manage our campaign setup and we can also more easily see and retrieve campaign results afterward. We’re tracking things in a more elegant way for meaningful reporting after each campaign.

Wynde Priddy
Assistant Director of Membership
  • Revolution CRM empowers public media organizations to build lifelong relationships with members and supporters through an innovative and constantly evolving data management solution — backed by the smartest and most caring team in the business. Optimize the interactions you have with your members and prospects, leading to outstanding outcomes for your organization across the member journey. Learn More 
  • High Touch – Frontline fundraisers, support staff and senior management have access to an intuitive user experience to manage their work and measure their progress toward organizational goals. Powerful prospect discovery tools and robust portfolio and pipeline management are designed for middle, major, planned, corporate and foundation giving programs. Learn More
  • Member Services – Every interaction represents an opportunity to provide an outstanding member experience, so there’s inbound case management to make the most of every contact. Our Constituent Care functionality supports case queues, task delegation, email templates and an integration with Microsoft Exchange automatically matches inbound emails to accounts, creates cases and records the staff correspondence to resolve the request or issue. Learn More
  • Premium Management – Premiums play a big role in the public media fundraising model, particularly around pledge drive. We provide everything you need to track premium fulfillment with an integration to Forest Incentives and output processes to other premium vendors. See the fulfillment status from the member record!
  • Personalized Interactions – Anyone who has direct contact with your members needs as much information as possible to personalize the experience. This is the foundation of our powerful, bi-directional integration with ACD Direct for pledge drive management (including real-time lookups) and Pledge Cart to make the member experience seamless. Learn More
  • PBS Passport – A bi-directional synch of eligible members and activation information with MVault enables members to access all of the rich programming your station offers.  There’s also a standard upload for streaming data so you can leverage a member’s interests in your engagement efforts. 
  • Business Automation – We offer robust automation of membership level, renewal date calculation, gift summaries, application of data flags, business rule enforcement, NCOA updates, data hygiene processes and peerless high-volume sustainer processing so that you can focus on strategic concerns rather than babysitting your CRM. Technology should work for you, not the other way around!

Revolution CRM

Revolution CRM empowers your organization to become a constituent-centered organization. And it speaks the language of public media business requirements, so that you don’t have to change your terminology or processes.

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