Monitoring Fundraising Metrics in a Crisis

Monitoring Fundraising Metrics in a Crisis

As we all endure this crisis together, we wanted you to know that you are part of the extended ROI Solutions family and we are thinking about you.  We have heard from most of our clients, but we wanted to reach out to you and let you know that we are all in this together.

We have all read a number of studies, sat in a number of webinars, and received good advice on how to modify our fundraising messaging in tone, tenor, and medium. It is still uncertain how this crisis will impact organizations’ revenue stream and donor counts.  We know you are all closely monitoring the health of your fundraising program performance and that you are likely being asked to report on those numbers.

To help with that effort we have created two new visualizations looking at cumulative giving over short and long-term periods.  Both dashboards provide week-by-week discrete data points highlighting revenue and donor counts, along with percent changes in both. They also provide a set of filters to isolate donor populations (e.g. sustainers, finite pledges, etc.), and promotion types (e.g. Planned Giving, Major Giving, Canvass).

So head over to the Analysis tab in the application and under Key Performance Indicators you will find the new dashboards, Year-over-Year Cumulative Giving & Year-Over-Year Cumulative Giving by Gift Composition.

We hope that these visualizations are helpful to your organization.  If there is anything we can do to help you better manage or understand your data, please reach out to your Client Services team.  We are here for you.