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Turnkey Sustainer Payment Processing

Turnkey Sustainer Payment Processing

ROI Solutions | Turnkey Sustainer Payment Processing

Many organizations continue to invest in the growth of their recurring giving programs. Many well-documented reasons exist, such as improved retention, higher long-term value, and greater cost efficiencies. When constituents join a recurring giving program, they are making an extraordinary commitment by entrusting their personal financial information to an organization because they know that more of their contributions will further the organization’s mission. It is incumbent on all nonprofits to be good stewards of that sensitive information while improving operational efficiencies to ensure that their donors’ gifts have maximum impact.

Working with a company committed to securely and cost-effectively managing payment processing operations is vital to the reputation and success of an organization. ROI Solutions is PCI DSS Level 1 and undergoes a rigorous annual audit to achieve the highest level of data security to ensure that your constituents’ personal financial information is always protected. We partner with our clients to streamline their payment processing operations and continually invest in helping them take advantage of the advances being made in the payment industry.

ROI Solutions has integrated with various payment processors and merchant services vendors over the years and will integrate with our client’s chosen vendors. Our integrated turnkey solution offers automatic tokenization, push-button refunding, the industry’s best Automated Account Updater and Recycling functionality, and the ability to quickly incorporate additional services provided, including Fraud Protection and Advanced Credit Card Intelligence. The combination of these payment processing services yields significantly reduced costs while at the same time increasing revenue – all managed within a safe and secure operational framework. For large direct marketing-driven organizations focused on growing their recurring gift programs, the net result can be measured directly to their bottom line in hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars per year.

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