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From Idea to Product Enhancement

ROI Solutions | From Idea to Product Enhancement

We’re frequently asked how a client idea or suggestion becomes a new feature or function in Revolution CRM.

Our developers at ROI Solutions write and maintain the software you use anytime you are logged into Revolution CRM. However, what is written down in lines in the programming language results from many meetings and decisions far ahead of a programmer starting to code. ROI Solutions relies on an ecosystem of inputs that help us answer the question: how can we consistently deliver the best possible product that empowers our user community to meet their diverse goals?

Much of what a Product Manager here at ROI Solutions does is listen to what users say, watch how they interact with Revolution CRM, and identify parts of the application or processes that could be streamlined or made more efficient for all our users.

To decide what to evolve next, Product Managers manage a portfolio of components in the application, becoming experts on how each tool was developed, how it is currently in use, and how it can be made even better. Our mandate within the company is to keep the product ever-evolving, so it continually meets all our clients’ needs. Our clients are the smartest and most-strategic organizations in the country and are also very vocal with ideas and suggestions. We in the Product Team welcome your thoughts and feedback, so keep those coming, and thank you for all that you do in your work and in helping make our product the best CRM available to nonprofit organizations.

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