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Unite Analytics Revolutionizes Constituent Data

ROI Solutions | Unite Analytics Revolutionizes Constituent Data

In the dynamic field of data management, insights are crucial to organizational strategy and success. Working closely with our client advisory group and early adopters, we create revolutionary tools to redefine how organizations understand and leverage constituent data. Unite Analytics, our managed constituent data platform (CDP) built using Amazon Redshift, aggregates and organizes data from various sources and touchpoints, enabling insights that feed strategy, providing more targeted and cost-effective segmentation, and driving meaningful constituent engagement.

Here’s what sets Unite Analytics apart:

      • Turn-Key Data Connectors: We provide pre-built connectors to Revolution CRM, Engaging Networks, major ad platforms like Meta and Google, Google Analytics, and CRMs like Salesforce. To simplify data ingestion, we added Fivetran, a commercial data movement tool offering 500+ standard connectors.

      • Simplified Data Transformation: Our managed solution offers self-service flexibility, making data actionable via a common data model that transforms and standardizes data from any source.

      • Visualizations and Dashboards: Create views and dashboards with your data that are easily shareable with non-technical users with Amazon QuickSight.  Or bring your own favorite reporting tools like Tableau or PowerBI.

      • Segmentation and Targeting: Our Audience Builder (coming soon with Ignite Marketing) is designed for marketers. It is easy for non-technical users to master and delivers results in seconds.  Our clients and early adopters have worked with us to define the tool they’ve always wanted.

      • Built-in Compliance and Security: Data privacy and security are top priorities for our AWS cloud-based product, which complies with data protection regulations and employs robust security measures.

    Unite Analytics represents a leap forward in data-driven marketing and constituent experience management. By intelligently harnessing data, organizations can unlock growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction, breaking free from siloed data to embrace truly constituent-centric operations. 

    Later this year, we’re incorporating advanced identity resolution, developing email marketing and engagement data models for intelligent segmentation, and creating new MiLo Intelligence machine-learning models with a digital focus. Join us on this exciting journey as we shape the future of data management, one insight at a time.

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