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High Touch Fundraising KPIs

High Touch Fundraising KPIs

Are you looking for metrics to compare how your team of relationship managers is progressing toward their goals?  Check out the High Touch dashboard screen’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) section.

Each KPI tool makes it easy to compare each relationship manager’s portfolio across several metrics:

Cultivation Activities – This KPI summarizes the completed activities across all plans the relationship manager manages.  Activities are summarized by category (e.g., Correspondence, In Person, Call) and by the month the activities were closed.

Portfolio Coverage – This KPI summarizes the most recently completed activities across all the relationship manager’s plans.  Activities are summarized by completion date within the past 3 and 6 months.  The 6-month activities are also analyzed by stage of development.

Portfolio Penetration – This KPI summarizes the most recent completed activities across all plans managed by the relationship manager, where the activity was marked with High Importance, meaning it was a significant move.  The analysis determines the percentage of donors in the relationship manager’s portfolio where a significant move occurred.

Portfolio Segmentation – This KPI summarizes the donors in each relationship manager’s portfolio based on the portfolio segment.  Not in Plan is the summary of donors assigned to the relationship manager, but no active cultivation plan exists.

Stage Aging – This KPI summarizes the plans in each relationship manager’s portfolio that meet the stage aging criteria.  Stage age is calculated by the length of time a donor has been in the current cultivation stage.

Interacting with your KPIs – Each KPI shares the same basic design.  Filters at the top focus your review.  Results at the bottom present the same data in a graphical bar chart (Analysis) or the data (Report).

On the Analysis tab, clicking on the key value highlights the corresponding segment, as illustrated below with the Active segment.

On the Report view, after reviewing your data, it is straightforward to export your results for further analysis using the EXPORT link.

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