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Corporate & Organizational Account Tracking

Corporate & Organizational Account Tracking

ROI Solutions | Corporate & Organizational Account Tracking

Fundraising organizations face a thorny problem: staying on top of corporate and organizational accounts. For a ‘standard’ individual donor, you might have to think about Homer and Marge and the kids in a household. Revolution Online’s structure of households works well to let you track each individual’s contact information, demographics, and giving history.

For a large organization, you might have thousands of employees across different offices, tied to different subsidiaries within a larger corporate structure, potentially worldwide. Don’t even get us started on what happens when you must factor in corporate mergers and acquisitions! There’s not a single ‘head of household’ contact, people you might talk to will get promoted, transferred, downsized, and rehired, and you might never speak to the same person twice. How can we better help your organization track this complex world?

Our tool addresses two key areas:

  1. Corporate support of nonprofit organizations can take many forms, including grants, gifts, marketing partnerships, employee volunteer programs, and workplace giving campaigns.
  2. Your organization’s relationship “map” with a company can range from a simple corporate account with a couple of key contacts to a corporate hierarchy of multiple subsidiaries and dozens of staff contacts with different relationship managers for each giving vehicle.

Our organization account structure provides an overview of the company and all key related accounts with an additional view of the staff (contacts) at the organization. Users can also flag staff who are no longer at the corporation. These new capabilities also allow our clients to designate the organization as a donor on a transaction (in addition to specific contacts) and ”roll-up” financial support across multiple subsidiaries or related accounts to see total support from a corporation.


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