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Executing SQL Queries

Executing SQL Queries

ROI Solutions | Executing SQL Queries

Data geeks: You already know how powerful that Execute SQL Queries window is, right? You know, the one you see in Tools, Commands, SQL Tools (if your client administrator has had it turned on for you) lets you code right in your live production database to pull your data using the SQL declarative programming language.

You didn’t know you could do that? Now is a great time to get started! In our recent software deployment, we’ve made that tool even better. In the March release, we added a check queries feature prominently so that you can test your code before you have it run in the database. Using the Check Queries feature will help you debug any issues with your code before you run it – which gets you your data faster.

We also added a feature — view active queries — that lets you see your running queries. So, if you run another, smarter query, the original query might be running behind the scenes. This feature allows you to cancel that unneeded query.

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