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Standard Reports Search Feature

Standard Reports Search Feature

Have you seen the Available Reports search feature in Reports? With over 100 reports, this search feature can be beneficial! Under the Reports Tab, at the top, you’ll see ‘Available Reports:

You can search all reports by category or report name. Note: Wildcards default.

One popular report is the Donor File Key Health Statistics report. ROI Solutions Account Directors love to include this report in the Quarterly Business Reviews with clients because it’s a powerful snapshot of your entire file in a single report.

Some basic report parameters include Account Level, Year Type, Year, and the number of months to include within the year. You also can select accounts based on HPC under a specified amount.

You can refine the report based on Fund Allocation, Promotion code, and Account Classification. If you only want to look at Direct Response data, you can exclude all other promotions.

The report shows critical metrics across six donor categories:

  • New Donors
  • First
  • Year Renewals
  • Multi-Year Renewals
  • Lapsed Renewals (13 – 24 Months)
  • Inactive Renewals (25+ Months)
  • Total (Your entire file)

Keeping an eye on your New Donor category shows growth or declines in your acquisition program. First-year renewals are a critical area of focus for most clients because that first-year renewal significantly increases the lifetime value of a new donor. Multi-year renewals are your most loyal donors, so any growth or decline in this area warrants a closer review. Lapsed and Inactive renewals are another area where clients can often reactivate donors to grow the file. These are the categories targeted by the ROI Solutions MiLo Reinstatement Model. The Total shows the performance of your entire file.

The Metrics show percent change over the entire four-year span of the report and the prior year.

There are always explanations for the performance in each of these donor categories. Seeing the performance in a comprehensive snapshot helps clients focus on the areas that require deeper review.

ROI Solutions recommends scheduling this report at least monthly to keep an eye on the critical metrics of your file.

If you have any questions about running or scheduling this or other reports, please get in touch with your Account Director, [email protected].

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