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Libby Chandler, Account Director

ROI Solutions | Libby Chandler

Libby Chandler, Account Director, recently sat down with Robert Lambert to reflect on how her personal experiences influencer her work with our clients.

I am passionate about skiing. Those who have skied a lot will know what I mean –  that feeling when you are at the top of a mountain, excitement masking a little trepidation, staring at a trail and thinking about your path before pointing your tips downhill, breathing deeply, and then going. I tend to ski fast but maintain control. When you do that, you have to think two steps ahead to pick your line and adjust midstream to terrain changes, bumps, and moguls. Sometimes you get lost in the moment, and it is just you and the next turn, but you are always learning along the way. If you fall, you pick yourself up. If someone falls, you help them and teach them to help improve. When you reach the end of your run, you look back at where you were, knowing you’ve accomplished something.

At ROI Solutions, we have the opportunity to work with a lot of great clients. Our team is excellent at problem-solving, both on top of the mountain and in the mid-run. Our Client Services team is always there to get our clients back up if they catch a tip and guide them down the hill if they need help. Those moments in my seven years at ROI Solutions have helped me forge lifelong friendships with fellow staff members and clients.

You can read about one project we recently worked on with WETA and their inbound telemarketing pledge partner in ACD Direct. It’s a game changer for WETA and other public media clients that we work with. This project illustrates what we do here at ROI Solutions every day. Assess the trial, plan, and attack the execution of that plan. If an unexpected turn comes, we pivot quickly and ensure we work together to reach the goal. And at the end, breathe deeply, and head back to the chairlift as a new adventure awaits.  

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