Wealth Screening Made Easier

Wealth Screening Made Easier

There is no lonelier feeling in the world than making the ask, a BIG one, to a major gift prospect.  Confidence is an absolute necessity and the more you are prepared, the more confident you can be.  ROI Solutions and WealthEngine (WE) are working together to make sure that the data that Prospect Researchers need to fuel the high touch pipeline with qualified candidates is easier and seamless.

If you subscribe to WE’s prospect research platform, you already have the ability to jump directly from a constituent record in Revolution Online to that record in WE’s FindWealth8. It is here that Prospect Researchers can better understand constituent’s wealth, liquidity, and assets and begin the process of building out profiles of high touch prospects.

Much of that wealth related information may be useful to others, such as the soon to be assigned Major Gifts Officer. You may also want to use propensity to give ratings or asset levels in conjunction with actual giving history to define donor segments. Now, you can not only research a donor’s wealth profile but also retrieve and save wealth profile data directly onto the ROI constituent record, complete with an audit trail of when the data was last refreshed.

Like any other Revolution Online data table, these data are available for query and SQL output. We’ve also added the ability to directly search WE variables in Revolution Online’s Donor Search.  This will allow you to include additional wealth and asset criteria through our search tools for more targeted Prospect Research directly in Revolution Online. 

Our last step to seamless donor insights is to provide both automated sweeps and manual batch push capabilities from Revolution Online through WE’s API to facilitate periodic group screenings. This capability will help organizations have a turnkey screening method to further identify and segment those audiences for a variety of applications in Revolution Online.

For more information about WealthEngine and their wealth screening products please visit wealthengine.com.