Alert me when a planned gift donor has passed away

Alert me when a planned gift donor has passed away

“Wouldn’t it be nice if I could automatically be notified when a donor or their spouse is marked deceased in the database?” That was the question that sparked the new tickler option.  As a planned gift officer keeping track of a portfolio, I want to know when someone passes away, because it might trigger a planned gift.

With this new feature, in addition to many other types of changes to a constituent’s record, you can set a tickler to be notified specifically when a household member’s deceased status changes.  What a nice feature for all the Planned Giving officers out there!

If you’re not familiar with Ticklers, they’re straightforward.  From a constituent’s record, click on the Bell icon in the top right-hand corner to view a summary of any existing ticklers, then click on ‘Go to Ticklers Screen’.

After clicking on the Add New button, you’ll be prompted to pick the trigger for when you want to be reminded – either on a certain date (like a birthday) or range of dates (keep reminding me until I say I did it), or when something in the record changes (like a new gift, an updated name, or now, when the Deceased status changes).

Revolution Online will take care of the rest – the email tied to the tickler will get notified whenever your criteria are met.  And, if that constituent is in your portfolio, your High Touch Dashboard’s Alerts section will give you a heads up as well.