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How the Heart of ROI Solutions Wraps a Big Hug Around the Missions We Support

ROI Solutions | Heart of the Matter

Our clients (and we) believe our heart is our biggest strength. Our commitment to client service was one of our founding principles, which remains even more true today. Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure they utilize our solutions to their best advantage to help them achieve their data management and fundraising aspirations to achieve their missions ultimately.

Gina VanderLoop set out to create a company that would help nonprofit organizations achieve their missions through the best use of cutting-edge technology. Today, Gina’s dream has been realized and continues to evolve through innovation.

Revolution CRM continues to grow and make a difference in achieving the goals our missions aspire to identify and target. Unite Analytics will be our next expansion to assist clients in gathering, consolidating, analyzing, and presenting data across their organizations, empowering them to make informed strategic decisions. The chapter following Unite Analytics leads us to the research and development phase of another exciting lakehouse offering, Ignite Marketing, which will provide clients with enhanced accessibility to their constituent data, enabling the automation of seamless omnichannel constituent journeys. MiLo Intelligence continues to predict, optimize, and scale your targeting, perfectly integrated as an add-on to Revolution CRM, Unite Analytics, and Ignite Marketing.

What gets us up in the morning and drives our days and nights is the opportunity to wrap our hearts and minds around how to help best the missions we love, inspired by the trust and belief our clients empower us with. See the Missions we Focus on:

Public Media
ROI Solutions helps you drive the member experience in your broadcast area.

Animal Rights & Welfare
We help organizations preserve and protect the sanctity of animal lives.

Health & Human Services
ROI Solutions puts the human at the center of your constituent experience.

International Relief
We help organizations quickly mobilize when environmental or humanitarian emergencies occur.

Social Justice & Civil Rights
ROI Solutions helps you seize the moment when events demand quick mobilization.

Environmental Protection
We organize your technical ecosystem so that you can focus on the natural ecosystem.

Let’s talk about heart and make a difference.

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