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Leveraging Company Values to Build Strong Teams and Management Muscle

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At ROI Solutions, we take our Company Values seriously.

  • Clients – Client satisfaction is our overriding business value, and we view our clients as partners.
  • People – We highly respect all people and embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion as a core value.
  • Efficiency – We value teamwork and collaboration to help our clients change the world.
  • Innovation – We are a learning organization that encourages experimentation and continuous innovation.

In 2023, we’re committed to investing in our teams to enhance and build muscle around our management capabilities. Building strong teams remains a critical focus as we continue growing our products, services, and staff. We believe that all staff should receive consistent support from their manager regardless of the manager or department in which they serve. Our managers naturally lead with their hearts, so we are working to ensure they also have the skills and training required to provide a consistent experience for their staff.

Some of our current and future leaders participated in training last week led by the team at Manager Tools, focusing on building trusting relationships with direct reports through one-on-ones, providing performance feedback, staff coaching, and effective delegation. We appreciated the opportunity to focus on building our management muscles and are excited to bring that new expertise back to the rest of the team.  

The Manager Tools training builds on a solid foundation through our longtime adoption and use of The Predictive Index to understand personal and team dynamics across the company. We believe investing in our people directly contributes to the Client Experience and our ability to provide continuous innovation to the nonprofit sector.

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