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CDP Member Service Bureau Goes Live on Revolution CRM 

ROI Solutions | CDP MSB Goes Live on Revolution CRM

Last year, Contributor Development Partnership (CDP) and ROI Solutions announced a strategic partnership with the selection of ROI Solutions to power CDP’s fundraising, services, and analytics for 40+ public media Member Service Bureau (MSB) stations. 

We are excited to announce that all current MSB stations are now live after conversion from Salesforce to ROI Solutions’ Revolution CRM. During the last week of October, ROI Solutions and CDP worked together to support the go-live of the remaining stations, which follows a cohort of stations earlier this summer.

“Both CDP and ROI Solutions are mission-driven.  ROI Solutions’ commitment to developing technology solutions for nonprofits aligns perfectly with CDP’s mission to sustain a thriving public media system and is in keeping with our long history of utilizing best-of-breed technology,” said Michael Heiplik, President of CDP. “Our partnership significantly increases our collective ability to serve nonprofits and make this world-class technology available to public media stations of all sizes, supporting the positive impact they have in communities large and small.’

“The ROI Solutions and CDP teams have worked tirelessly over the last year to align data and business processes, enhance integrations, and develop change management and training initiatives to ensure the stations’ success,” said Gina VanderLoop, Founder and CEO of ROI Solutions. “It has been a company-wide effort on both sides to ensure stations flourish.”

The collaboration results in the largest number of public media donors managed on a single CRM platform, creating significant opportunities for increased innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness. It also provides the technological foundation to ensure fundraising success in a rapidly shifting landscape, enabling the accelerated adoption of new fundraising practices, leveraging new platforms, and developing more dynamic donor relationships.  

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