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Client Spotlight: No More Vendor Fatigue

ROI Solutions | Geoff Garcia

I work with many vendors, and one of my pain points with other vendors is the turnover rate with the representatives who manage customer relationships. I get emails every month introducing my new rep from one vendor or another, and they might last six months before there’s a new one.  They always want to have a phone call to “learn more from me about my business challenges.” I answered the same questions with the rep before that and before that. Not at ROI Solutions.  Everyone we’ve worked with since we started is still there, and we’ve been with ROI for four years.

The longevity of our relationship with ROI Solutions is a testament to their understanding of our business. Unlike other vendors, we don’t have to repeatedly explain our business case and the logic behind our decisions. The ROI Solutions team is well-versed in our business and our use of their system, demonstrating their deep knowledge of our database and processes.

ROI Solutions stands out from other vendors in their approach to partnership. Unlike some of our other partners who frequently push for more licenses or new technologies, ROI Solutions focuses on enhancing the efficiency of our existing setup to help us achieve our mission. This approach aligns with our goals and fosters a true partnership. 

Our mission is ROI’s mission. We share mutual respect, which sets our experience with ROI Solutions apart.

ROI Solutions client since 2020

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