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ROI Solutions is the “Best Kept Secret” for Large Nonprofit Organizations

ROI Solutions | ROI Solutions is the "Best Kept Secret" for Large Nonprofit Organizations

This blog post comprises the first of two parts: Part 1 will introduce you to ROI Solutions and our suite of products, while Part 2 (coming soon) will delve into our position in the market landscape.

In my brief tenure at ROI Solutions—just over nine months—I’m continually surprised by the contrast between what I initially thought I knew about the company and what I’ve since learned about its people and place in the market.

Recently, we hosted our ROI Solutions staff summit, a gathering that included our entire company. With a staff size of 80 employees, we’re far from the scale of some of our competitors. Having spent time in private equity and shareholder-backed companies, where turnover is frequent, and priorities shift quarterly based on sales performance, I was struck by the longevity of many staff members and their commitment to the company’s values.  During a client panel featuring the Human Rights Campaign, Special Olympics, March of Dimes, and Connecticut Public, staff heard first-hand how we all support our clients’ missions, regardless of our role. It drove home how deep our relationships run with our clients and our role as indispensable, trusted advisors.

A Brief Introduction to ROI Solutions

Founded in 1999, ROI Solutions embarked on a mission to empower nonprofit organizations with cutting-edge technology solutions and services, enabling them to effect positive change in the world. Gina VanderLoop, our founder and CEO, saw a technology and service gap during her previous tenure as a nonprofit executive. Our client roster includes 100+ organizations, each with sophisticated fundraising initiatives, large datasets (typically millions of records and hundreds of millions of gifts), numerous integrations, and extensive requirements for direct mail and high-touch fundraising initiatives. We’ve earned a reputation as the industry’s “best kept secret” for large fundraising programs, seamlessly melding sophisticated technology with a unique partnership model.  We don’t have the same name recognition as some of the other vendors in the nonprofit technology space, but for those who know us, we have a reputation for excellence.

Purpose-Built Technology for Nonprofits

We take pride in the fact that each of our offerings is specifically built to serve the needs of large nonprofits. We aren’t adapting and recycling corporate sales platforms. Our goal is to provide transformative solutions that optimize operations, supercharge fundraising efforts, and provide flexibility that meets each organization’s needs.

Revolution CRM: Proven and robust fundraising CRM designed to be scalable, flexible, and performant.  Revolution CRM is widely used by some of the largest nonprofits in the world to improve processes, gain clarity into fundraising metrics, and drive revenue.  

Unite Analytics: A data lakehouse that unifies and enriches data sources across the organization, enables live data discovery, visualizes insights, and makes information decisions and action plans.

Ignite Marketing: Built to drive engagement using the data from Unite Analytics.  Ignite Marketing provides an audience builder for precise segmentation through data-driven criteria and efficiently executes and automates engagement strategies across multiple channels and techniques.

MiLo Intelligence: The power of machine learning scores constituent populations to predict desired outcomes using best-in-class algorithms developed by our nonprofit data experts with each organization’s unique data. There are no “cookie-cutter” models here.

Commitment to Client Satisfaction

As an independent company, we are 100% focused on our clients, not shareholders or investors. This independence allows us to approach product evolution and client relationships differently. We guarantee a 100% project success rate by focusing on clients with needs aligned with our strengths. Our commitment extends to dedicating resources to each client relationship, ensuring responsiveness and accountability.  In addition, unlike companies that rely on impersonal support channels, such as 800 numbers or online chat functions, we offer direct access to a named Client Services team. This personalized approach fosters genuine partnerships and facilitates success through collaboration. 

As a result, some organizations have asked us to take it to the next level with campaign management support. Not many companies are equipped to understand or support large nonprofit organizations with sophisticated multi-channel campaigns, but we do! Our Data Management Services (DMS) team is always here to assist with segmentation, creating outputs, managing uploads, customizing reports, or performing other tasks to manage data better. Think of us as a force multiplier.

Alignment of Needs and Values

Our hands-on partnership model may not align with every organization’s needs, and we recognize that ROI Solutions isn’t a fit for everyone. Mutual success and respect are a must. We carefully evaluate every potential opportunity to ensure that client needs and values align with what we provide. If we determine that ROI Solutions isn’t the right fit, we gladly offer valuable industry insights and support as organizations consider their next CRM solution. 

We enjoy our reputation as the “best kept secret,” but we welcome the opportunity to “let the secret out” to organizations who are looking for a higher standard of relationship.

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