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Client Spotlight: Trust the Safety of the Bungee Cord

ROI Solutions | Client Spotlight-Brendan Foley

I make no secret of the fact that ROI Solutions is the first technology partner I’ve worked with that I actually love.

I’m a master of bad analogies, but our migration from Salesforce to Revolution CRM was like a bungee cord jump. The ROI Solutions team was the cord. If you’re going to jump off a bridge, you want to have complete trust that the cord will hold. It dawned on me late in the project, after going live, that there wasn’t a single point where I doubted the safety of the cord. This brought a profound sense of relief and peace of mind.

The ROI Solutions team was so on top of things that it allowed us to focus on other parts of the migration project. I don’t want to lose sight of the fact that there’s a vendor-client relationship, and I understand that on paper; however, by the time we had gone live, I felt like I could trust the ROI team as much as I would anyone at Connecticut Public. We worked as one team, united in providing what we needed to support our mission.  That’s a partnership!

We came to ROI Solutions in a sorry state because we couldn’t trust our data. Our processes were convoluted, and communication with our members was frequently confused and affected. We had few automated processes. For example, the lifeblood of many public media organizations is its sustaining membership. But recapturing declined transactions was highly manual.  With Revolution CRM and Engaging Networks, we’ve automated processing and communication around declined sustainer transactions. After putting these processes in place, we recaptured more than $80,000 in just the first few months. For us, that’s a staff position — a journalist in the community telling stories that matter.  It’s not just numbers in a spreadsheet.

ROI Solutions blazed a path that allows us to do the work and trust the output in a way we haven’t been able to in years. This transformation has inspired us and given us hope for the future, knowing that with ROI Solutions, we can achieve more.

ROI Solutions client since 2023

Connecticut Public is Connecticut’s only state-wide, community-supported public media service. Their mission is to inform, educate, and inspire the people of Connecticut through outstanding journalism, storytelling, education, and experiences.

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