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Meet ROI Solutions 2024 Summer Interns

ROI Solutions | 2024 Interns

As part of our ongoing commitment to professional development, we are proud to continue our tradition of providing meaningful internship opportunities. These internships help young professionals understand the nonprofit sector and allow them to see firsthand how a company like ROI Solutions can power social impact through various roles and skill sets.

This year, we’re pleased to introduce five interns who will spend the summer with us:

Alexandra Magnusson, MiLo Intelligence Machine Learning (with Ben McCartney)
Boston College
Anticipated May 2025

Gurleen Kaur, Client Services (with Paul Soucy)
Anticipated May 2025

Justin Chen, Technical Services (with Marie Colbert)
Anticipated Graduation: May 2025

McKenna Couch, Sales & Marketing (with Derek Drockelman)
Emerson College
Anticipated Graduation: May 2026

Zachary Martin, Software Development (with Sandra Carbajal)
Suffolk University
Anticipated Graduation: December 2024

These interns will learn the day-to-day responsibilities of serving the nonprofit sector and significantly impact our operations. At the end of their internships, they will present capstone projects summarizing their accomplishments, which we are eagerly looking forward to. Stay tuned for a future post.

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