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ROI Solutions & CDP Launch Benchmarking Insights Initiative

ROI Solutions | CDP & ROI Solutions Launch Benchmarking Insights Initiative

ROI Solutions and Contributor Development Partnership (CDP) launched our inaugural Benchmarking Insights initiative with a jointly developed pilot meeting on June 18. Ten participating organizations represented over 9 million sustaining gifts and $160 million in contributions over the last 12 months. Since the announcement of the CDP and ROI Solutions strategic partnership, it was the first gathering of our respective public media and non-public media clients in a collaborative setting.

The initiative focuses on sharing fundraising data, identifying and exploring broader fundraising challenges, and discussing solutions to ensure fundraising success in 2024 and beyond. It fosters a sense of community by bringing together public media organizations and nonprofits from various sectors in a collaborative effort, a first of its kind in the industry.

“The pilot Benchmarking Insights meeting is a significant development in CDP and ROI Solutions’ strategic partnership,” said CDP President and CEO Michal Heiplik, “Bringing a variety of voices and experiences from a cross-section of nonprofits to tackle some of the biggest fundraising issues underscores CDP’s commitment to look beyond the historical practices of public media to discover and apply new thinking, fundraising approaches, and emerging practices.”

Gina VanderLoop, Founder and CEO of ROI Solutions, describes the initiative’s potential benefits: “The power and impact of collaborative learning cannot be overstated. By convening these organizations, sharing data, and building these connections, challenges can be identified more quickly and explored more deeply. Our hope is that this effort serves as a catalyst for even deeper collaboration, building a sense of community between participating organizations and potentially, leading to the development of solutions that can be applied at scale to improve efficiency, effectiveness and bottom-line results for the organizations we serve.”

At the heart of Benchmarking Insights is a newly developed, Tableau-based benchmarking report utilizing the combined CDP/ROI Solutions technical infrastructure to provide a robust set of fundraising data points. CDP’s Daren Winckel said, “The freshness of this large data set, combined with the mining capabilities of Tableau-based reporting, and the guided discussion by CDP’s Deb Ashmore and ROI’s Lee Gartley, will allow for dynamic, near-real-time comparative reporting. This approach will provide one of the clearest views into the current state of fundraising performance across this cohort of organizations.” He added, “This initial meeting will set the baseline, and participant feedback will play a key role in evolving and expanding this effort to include even more organizations, strengthening the data set and giving us an even deeper timely view into overall nonprofit fundraising performance in the United States.”

Several public media and large national relief, social justice, human rights, and animal rights organizations participated in the pilot Benchmarking Insights meeting. If you’d like to learn more, Let’s Talk!

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