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The Cobbler’s Children Received New Kicks. ROI Solutions Expands with a New Brand.

ROI Solutions | The Cobbler's Children Received New Kicks. ROI Solutions Expands with a New Brand.

ROI Solutions was founded in 1999 by Gina VanderLoop with the express goal of helping nonprofit organizations change the world through innovative technology solutions and services. “We are focused on sustainable growth, hiring staff committed to working with the nonprofit sector, and constantly evolving their technology and services to help nonprofits succeed in their missions.  When we decided to launch our new branding and website, we wanted the new look and feel to match the spirit of passion and purpose we bring to our work every day,” said VanderLoop.

ROI Solutions provides the best products and services that enable nonprofit organizations to change the world with their data. This lies at the heart of ROI Solutions’ new Brand promise and tagline, “Change the World with Your Data.”

ROI Solutions differentiates its Brand with a commitment to constant innovation, client collaboration, and client satisfaction and support. ROI Solutions is proudly an independent company, meaning it answers only to its clients rather than shareholders and investors.

At the heart of the new Brand is the beating heart of ROI Solutions, “Connecting Hearts.” Company values engender high respect for everyone, a commitment to give back 1% of annual earnings to nonprofit organizations, and a singular focus on the success of client partners.

The creation of the new Brand started from the foundation up. The business strategy and messaging was honed through discovery. Next, a new Brand strategy was created to guide the creative direction of the new identity, including a primary company logo with supportive product identities. The logos symbolize the solutions and services ROI Solutions provides their nonprofit clients with heart, passion, and purpose to help them succeed in their missions.

A bold and clean typeface was selected to extend into custom and consistent stylesheets, a vibrant new color palette was adopted, and custom imagery and illustrations were folded into a digital brand standards guide organized into a readily available library of assets.

The Brand was created to represent the vibrancy, energy, and growth of ROI Solutions and their clients.

The Revolution CRM product logo uses the heart icon constellation to symbolize the management of supporter relationships and multiple constituent journeys.

The Unite Analytics logo depicts the unification of multiple analytic datasets identifying trends based on heart.

The Ignite Marketing logo symbolizes amplifying and promoting campaigns based on heart throughout integrated marketing channels.

The MiLo Intelligence logo includes a machine-learning robot icon with an algorithm focused on heart, learning, scoring, and predicting constituent populations and outcomes.

The new Brand positions ROI Solutions as an energetic thought leader in the nonprofit space, providing modern products and services for nonprofit organizations to change the world with their data.

The new website was developed in a customized content management solution scalable by the ROI Solutions marketing and IT team members. The solution allowed IT to focus on other projects without being distracted by day-to-day changes. Marketing is empowered to easily make impactful changes, helping to grow their content marketing and increase engagement with clients and the larger nonprofit sector.

The new Brand constellation continues to scale the new marketing strategy and influence additional initiatives like advertising and marketing campaigns, email newsletters, landing pages, Zoom backgrounds, social media branding, trade show booths, infographics, datasheets, whitepapers, presentations, videos, and apparel.

“It’s a new look and creative direction, but the company’s commitment to the nonprofit sector and its client partners remains unwavering,” said VanderLoop. “If anything, this has helped to embolden and reinvigorate us as we launch new products and services to the community.”

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