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ROI Solutions Expands with a New Brand

ROI Solutions Expands with a New Brand

When I started ROI Solutions just over 26 years ago, I had a goal to create a company that would help nonprofit organizations achieve their missions through the best use of cutting-edge technology.  As I walked a few miles over from Cambridge to the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth Corporations Division in Boston to register the company, I was excited and filled with trepidation.  It’s a funny story, and I will gladly share it with you sometime.  Well, in my pocket was a napkin on which I had hand-drawn several iterations of the ROI Solutions logo.  Soon after, I launched our first website. 

In the years since ROI Solutions’ founding, we have witnessed an amazing evolution in technology, our technology has continuously improved, and our company has grown from a staff of two, to now over 80 employees.  Our clients have helped drive much of that growth, and I am professionally and personally humbled and honored that through your trust and belief in us, we are where we are today.  

In addition to our constantly evolving Revolution CRM, a couple of years ago, we launched MiLo Intelligence, a solution and a service to help organizations unlock the potential of machine learning to optimize audience selection.  Since then, we have been hard at work building out our data lakehouse solution, Unite Analytics, an offering to help clients collect, unify, analyze, present data across their organizations to inform their strategies. We are currently in the research and development phase of another exciting lakehouse offering, Ignite Marketing, which will help clients more easily access and activate their constituent data and even automate omnichannel constituent journeys.  

It is a very exciting time!

Over the last few months, behind the scenes and in partnership with a fabulous designer, we have been hard at work on both on a new logo suite and a new website which I am proud to announce we have just launched!  

Our new family of logos, representing our current product suite under the ROI Solutions brand, features bold and bright new colors, and incorporates an icon that showcases what we believe to be our biggest strength – our heart.  ROI Solutions’ commitment to client service was one of our founding principles, and that remains even more true today. Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that they utilize our solutions to their best advantage to help them achieve their data management and fundraising aspirations to ultimately achieve their missions.

ROI Solutions has been described by our clients as intellectually curious, committed to our clients, bold, fun, funny, quirky, and different.  We are proud of those adjectives and the distinctions they represent.  When we were in the process of designing our website, we wanted to encapsulate those differentiators in a fun, interesting, and thought-provoking way.  Instead of the staid greys and blues on most nonprofit technology company sites, we opted for bold colors, for movement and dynamism, and for actual thought-provoking artwork that would inspire a visitor to reflect on how better technology and processes, combined with unwavering client dedication from staff who lead with their heart can help transform a nonprofit organization to a data-driven leader. 

We want to hear what you think, and most importantly, we want you to know that we are always here for you, no matter what!

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