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A Year In Review – Last Year’s Numbers 

ROI Solutions

2021 was an eventful year, but at ROI Solutions, we have continued providing dedicated support to our client partners. We compiled some interesting quantitative statistics that reflect our client partners’ usage of Revolution CRM over the last 12 months. 

Credit card processing in 2021: 

  • ROI Solutions processed over 11 million successful credit card payments for our clients, up from nine million in 2020.
  • Those payments totaled over $250 million, compared to $208 million in 2020.

Revolution CRM usage and tasks in 2021:

  • Users logged into Revolution CRM 3.8 million times in 2021, up from 3.3 million times in 2020.
  • Clients processed over 83 thousand uploads in 2021, up from 69 thousand the prior year.
  • Clients ran 60 thousand reports, up from 46 thousand the year before.
  • Clients ran over 675 million parameterized listings, up from 224 million the year before.
  • Power users ran over 394 thousand custom SQL queries, up from 152 thousand in 2020.
  • Finally, one of our client’s favorite features in Revolution CRM is the kaleidoscope of compelling images that grace our login screen. In 2021 there were 84 different images posted for your enjoyment.  

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