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A Word About Data with John McCarthy

ROI Solutions | A Word About Data with John McCarthy

John McCarthy recently sat down with Robert Lambert to talk about constituent data.

I started working at ROI Solutions two weeks after the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004. Over the years, the volume of data our clients collect and manage about their constituents has increased tenfold. From traditional direct marketing techniques to inbound calling programs, street canvass, online interactions, and the ever-evolving social media channels, how our clients interact with their constituents is growing geometrically.

It’s an exciting time to work with data and redefine what it can tell our clients about their constituents. We aim to store that data, intelligently achieve the 360-degree constituent view, and make that actionable for our clients’ analytics and multichannel marketing efforts.

We are always here to help you get the job done. In ROI speak, a “job” is anything we are asked to do for our clients, from the minor tweak to an automated script to the largest multi-step integration project. Each job includes programming and quality control steps to ensure accurate data delivery. All of this is managed in our job tracking system called Gamera, named for the giant flying turtle of Godzilla lore. And we recently surpassed our 60,000th job and counting!

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