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Ami Fish, Director of Client Services

ROI Solutions | Ami Fish, Director of Client Services

When did you discover you were a “data geek”?  In case you aren’t aware, that is an affectionate term for those of us who couldn’t imagine a single day without data.  We solve problems with data.  We find inspirational stories in data.  We know that the data in our CRM is the most valuable resource a non-profit organization has in its fundraising arsenal.

At ROI Solutions, we couple our “data geek” status alongside our customer service streak.  That streak runs deep because of our clients and the work that you all do to make the world a better place.  We want your mission to be a success so badly that we drive you crazy with questions, including the all-important “why,” to create deliverables that not only meet but exceed expectations—asking “why” and actively listening to the answer has been a key to our reputation as a company dedicated to customer service.

We are a company made of individuals who deeply care about our clients and have a “can-do” mindset.  We all roll up our sleeves and dig into investigations, questions, and puzzles with data daily.  When we realize an answer to a data question, we quite literally do a double-fist pump in the air, knowing we have the answer to help our clients.

ROI is growing, and as we continue to grow and add staff to our team, we are hiring people who share and embrace that attitude.  Lean on us – we are here to offer a hand to help in any way we can.

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