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ROI Supports Cycling at the Special Olympics World Games

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We’re always excited when our client, Special Olympics, hosts the World Games, which brings together dedicated athletes from all over the world. This year, the World Games are being held in Berlin. It’s a life-changing event for athletes, families, and fans, and we’re so proud of the tireless work of Special Olympics.

At ROI Solutions, we are inspired every day by acts of philanthropy as we work to help world-changing nonprofit missions succeed. Our leadership leads by example through their philanthropic efforts.  

Last year, Gina VanderLoop, ROI Solutions CEO, joined Tracy Lea from The Harrington Agency to support the cycling dreams of two countries. Gina and Tracy coordinated their gifts through Special Olympics Southeast Asia. Special Olympics Bharat and Special Olympics Pakistan were the deserving recipients of new bikes, helmets, equipment, and coaching that were needed to improve safety and their ability to compete. Both countries had active Special Olympics cycling programs. Still, the riders were using equipment that barely qualified as bikes, and some riders were not allowed to ride in previous World Games due to the unsafe conditions of their bicycles.

Special Olympics
A Special Gift from Gina VanderLoop & Tracy Lea

We’re so proud of the athletes from Bharat and Pakistan as they put their hard work and training into action at the World Games in Berlin.

If you’d like to follow along and monitor the results, you can do it here on the Special Olympics World Games results website.

You can also watch this wonderful thank you video from the athletes, which never fails to get us into the spirit!

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