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Taking One Giant Leap for Social Impact

ROI Solutions | Taking One Giant Leap for Social Impact

Since I was a child, I’ve been deeply interested in space exploration and robots, so I planned to share a picture of a test printing of some new ROI Solutions swag. The pictured hoodie incorporating the astronaut image from our website is something I’ve coveted for a couple of months and couldn’t wait to try it on. But a series of recent conversations redirected this post from swag to how we tell our story.

In the last three weeks, I’ve presented in several settings:

  • A new Chief Advancement Officer at a longtime client wanted to get the “sales pitch” for ROI Solutions and Revolution CRM to understand why everyone speaks so highly of us.
  • A client in the midst of a technical solution survey had us present a company overview to their consultants, demonstrate the current use of Revolution CRM, and discuss growth opportunities as they look to streamline processes and possibly consolidate systems.
  • At the recent TNPA Leadership Summit, I spoke with several marketing agencies and nonprofit organizations who wanted to better understand the solutions we offer and our overall place in the nonprofit market.

From my perspective, the relentless focus on our mission continues to make the biggest impression in conversations like these. It’s not the PowerPoint presentations or the product demonstrations.

  • We’re independent. The flood of investment money and consolidation in the nonprofit solution sector has had a big (negative) impact on the experiences nonprofits describe about their vendor relationships. This is a huge differentiator.
  • Everything we offer is purpose-built for the nonprofit sector, not recycled corporate solutions. Client feedback leads our direction.
  • We know who we are and the types of organizations we want to work with. As a result, we care deeply about each organization we serve. Signing a “No Hate” pledge is no problem for us.
  • We hire smart and caring people who are dedicated to supporting our clients.
  • We give back through volunteerism and financial donations.

I frequently tell people that at ROI Solutions, we wear our hearts on our sleeves. Circling back to our Brand and swag, it was important to convey our Brand message in our logo and the t-shirts and hoodies we wear out and about in the world. So, you’ll see the heart on the sleeve. It’s a reminder that wherever we go, we’re guided by our principles and values above everything else.

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