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John Hayes

Account Director

John started his career working with a variety of smaller, community organizations as both employee and volunteer. Realizing a knack for data projects, he assisted with a few smaller database conversions before working at the Seattle public broadcasting station to manage a conversion.

As a client, John built strong relationships with people at Blackbaud and Target Analytics, and eventually made the jump over to the corporate side in 2008 working on the data management services team based in Cambridge Massachusetts. Over his ten-year career at Blackbaud, John worked with some of the nation’s largest non-profit organizations including Paralyzed Veterans of America, Special Olympics, Oxfam America and Planned Parenthood Federation of America. John also continued to work closely with public broadcasting clients and database conversion projects.

With over twenty years of development, direct marketing, analytics and database experience, John is happy to have found a home at ROI. With experience as both client and vendor, ROI’s client-focused environment is a great fit.

John grew up in California where he spent summers in Huntington Beach, Yosemite National Park and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. He now works remotely from Seattle where he drinks more tea than coffee and lives with his partner of 17 years. Traveling together is their greatest passion. John can also be found answering calls as a pledge volunteer for public broadcasting, volunteering for the local food forest, or cooking and gardening at their home in Beacon Hill. As someone who can’t sleep on a plane, he is always looking for a good book recommendation.