Kevin Maloney

Director of Research & Development

Kevin’s first job was in the clerical operations group of a large Boston-based financial services company. He held a variety of other positions in the financial services industry before eventually coming to work for the Technical Services group at Fidelity Investments. In the late 1980’s he became manager of a new development organization charged with expanding PC-based client/server distributed processing and automation to the company’s hundreds of branches and regional telephone centers.

Upon the success of those efforts, Kevin left Fidelity along with several of his friends to start their own venture-funded software company, NetSuite Development. When NetSuite was acquired by a competitor he began an independent consulting company, ATG Consulting. There, he performed high-quality work for many world-class domestic and international clients, including the Spring Group, Lightbridge (the company that later became “Authorize.Net”) and the Share Group.

It was while he was consulting at the Share Group that he first became acquainted with ROI Solutions. When he was given an opportunity to do some small-scale consulting tasks for ROI, he jumped at the chance and serves as Chief of Software Development.

In addition to his work in software development, Kevin also plays bass guitar in the company’s band, and is in the middle of writing a novel as part of “National Novel Writing Month”.